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At MSRC, we are passionate about ensuring our customers have a positive experience when they use the Microsoft Security Update Guide (SUG). A big part of improving that experience is ensuring that customers have timely and easily accessible notifications. As such we have two important announcements to share about changes to the way we provide notifications. Firstly, we have changed the way we send email notifications! Secondly, we have added a new channel from which customers can get notifications: an RSS Feed.

We have successfully transitioned to the new system for delivering Microsoft Technical Security Notifications, and since Update Tuesday on September 13, 2022, we are no longer sending notifications via the legacy Security Notification Service. If you wish to continue receiving monthly Microsoft Security Update Summaries and Microsoft Security Update Revisions notifications, see “Security Update Guide Notification System News: Create your profile now” for sign-up instructions.

With regards to the RSS feed, we have received feedback from some of our customers that an RSS feed on the Security Update Guide (SUG) would be greatly appreciated. A few customers have even asked for it to be the default form of communication. We heard your feedback, and you can now obtain SUG updates by pasting the URL of the RSS feed in any RSS reader. The XML file can be accessed by clicking on the RSS Feed icon next to the SUG title.

We are committed to continually improving the SUG experience for our customers. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the Security Update Guide Support Portal. We value your feedback!

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