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We are just one day away from the opening of BlueHat v18 and excitement is building. One of the questions that I have gotten more frequently the past couple years is about the artwork we use for BlueHat. So yes there is a theme. 😊

Starting in 2014, we introduced the Top Hat logo which the community took to. Up until that point we had rotated between various hat designs and some technology themes. That distinctive logo has become our identity and grown the conference theme around Alice in Wonderland. We started with the character most associated with the logo – the Mad Hatter. From there we worked our way through the Hatter’s tea party to introduce the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. This year our Securi”TEA” Party added the Tea Mouse. For this year’s conference theme we unveiled the King of Hearts to open a new chapter in the story.

King final

Our stage backdrops, debuted last year, shows a scene as part of that journey. Future events will unveil more characters as we work through the story arcs in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The ultimate journey will cumulate in Alice herself. The world that the story opens up to us gives us a playful and colorful canvas to explore. We love how the community has embraced this theme and the possibilities it contains. We look forward to revealing more of the story in our future events.

Phillip Misner, Principal Security Group Manager

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